Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retro Rummage

Well, my sister and I took part in the West Fargo Rummage Sale this weekend, despite the sloppy wet snow we had a good turnout and were able to sell a lot of our vintage wares!

My sister had a bunch of vintage and handmade jewelry that she was selling, she had it displayed in this cute travel case. She's been collecting pretty seriously for a good couple of years. Her faves are bracelets, signature pieces, and shiny glitzy rhinestones.

I also brought some of the upcycled purses that I had made out of t-shirts and felt (all my materials...t-shirts, felt, thread, and snap closures were cast offs from someone, that I had either purchased at rummage sales or thrift stores). I didn't have any luck selling them, maybe I'll find a different venue for them, I think they would appeal to the tween crowd (perhaps?).