Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Man's Trash.....

So, last night was garbage night in our neighborhood. I looked out our living room window and saw a few items of interest in my neighbor's trash  pile. My husband kind of shook his head as I slunk out the door and grabbed my prizes. I think I found some great items. The best thing was this old watering can -which is vintage and in pretty good shape. I've seen these for sale in antique stores for $25 - $30, so I was kind of giddy to find this one for FREE!
I also grabbed this croquet set, It's not old but still cool. We could use as is or I might utilize the mallets and croquet balls as decorative items. I've displayed the croquet balls in a giant apothocary jar, and they looked pretty cool in there.
My last item was this birdbath base, which I'll either use as a new base for my birdbath basin, or as a stand for a gazing globe. So all in all I think I scored some pretty good junk! Next week is cleanup week in our area, so lots of folks will be setting items out for the curb shoppers to peruse. Maybe I'll have to get out there as well! Fun stuff.