Sunday, March 6, 2011

Show and Tell

Let's kick things off with some show and tell! These are some of my favorite things. It doesn't matter if they are worn, or scratched, I still see the beauty, and enjoy their history - if only these items could talk, what story would they tell? I love to find interesting and unusual things, and really enjoy the thrill of the hunt. This is a necklace I purchased a couple years ago, I'm guessing its from the early 1900's. I love the color and the etched effect on the stones.
I found this book at a little junk store for $1! The title is awesome (Penny Nichols  - love it!), and so is the bright orange color. I tied the skeleton key around the book and it now has a home on my side table. I also have a fascnation with old keys and you'll find them in various places around my house.
Speaking of keys, found this little gem and snapped it up right away. It's a key for the Rex Hotel of International Falls, Minnesota. Room #2. I looked on-line to see if the hotel was still there, but I belive it burned down. The key apparently made its way home in someone's pocket or purse.
I also have a small collection of hats. Found this one a few years ago. The color is amazing, and it has this giant flower right on the top. I tried the hat on, and looked absolutely like a crazy person. I guess hats don't suit me, although I'm wondering if anyone could make this one look elegant.

I'm always looking for old photos. Seeing the period clothing hairstyle and hats is interesting and sometimes humorous. These ladies grace the top of my vintage mirror. I wonder sometimes why their photos wound up at an antique store instead of with relatives. Oh well, I appreciate and enjoy them, hope you will too.