Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun Retro Crafts

In respect to all things Retro, check out this awesome book my sister sent me - Retro Crafts by Suzy Millions.

173 pages of kitchy crafts that bring back fun memories of grade school and Sunday school projects. Remember lighting a box of matches in order to make that cool matchstick frame for grandma and grandpa?

 It's in here, the sparkling sputnik project (Styrofoam balls with toothpicks stuck in them and covered in glitter), which my mom created one December in the early 70's also shows up in this book, and the personal fave of mine: Reinbeer (reindeer made out of beer cans, pipe cleaners and google eyes). So if you've got a hoard of glitter, glue and pipe cleaners you might want to check this book out, it'll be a fun addition to your retro library!