Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recycled Vintage Feedsacks

I picked up a couple of old time feedsacks for $2 each. These feedsacks in their day, may have held, flour, sugar or grains. They are a sturdy and soft cotton fabric almost denim-like, I can see why farm wives in the Midwest recycled these during the depression. They were often used for quilt blocks dish towels and dolls. Two of the feedsacks had an interesting stamp on them, one was the Bemis Brothers - out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I decided to remake my feedsacks into new cushion covers for my two outdoor chairs. First, I gave them a good washing to brighten them up. The feedsacks have imperfections, which give them character and a history. They are perfect for their next life as comfy, worn-in cushions for my patio chairs.